Aik Spyrido die Künstlerin

Aik Spyrido  – The artist

Born in the rays of sunlight under the sign of Libra.

She herself says: “I was born in the cradle of culture and this is my legacy.”

Her teachers showed her the look at the “Good, True, Beautiful”, and that is the direction of her life.

Her soul and her thoughts are here and there and everywhere, like a crowd of birds, which quickly crosses the lower side of the sky all over.

Nobody could stop her, not her father who was concerned for her,
and not her mother, who wanted to take care of her.

Even her design degree could not lock her into an office.

The curiosity and the longing for sunlight dominate her life.

Lovingly does she tell of her daughter: “It was my duty to give a human to life.

With God’s blessing, I accomplished it.
This is my biggest work, which I love very much.”

To the question how old she is, she answers: “I was just born.”

Often does her body bleed, but her soul drags it out of this,
and together they go on flying.

…… and she will keep on flying
                   until she arrives in the land of her dreams.

die Künstlerin Aik Spyrido

Dauernde Ausstellung auch mit Designobjekten im Haus der Künstlerin / Permanent exhibition including design objects in the artist’s house

Individual Exhibitions / Einzelausstellungen in

2008           Individual exhibition, Altkönigstift, Kronberg/Germany

2005           Individual exhibition, Chalkidiki/Greece

2003           Individual exhibition, Chalkidiki/Greece (radio & TV coverage & interviews)

1999/2000  Individual exhibition, Kronberg near Frankfurt/Main

1999           Baden-Baden (special individual exhibition / Sonderausstellung)

                   Individual exhibition, Monheim near Düsseldorf (Bayer AG)

                   Individual exhibition, Chalkidiki/Greece (extensive radio & TV coverage)

1998           Individual exhibition, Berlin